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A mission statement is an announcement of purpose. It's an answer to the query, why are we here? What's the point? It is created with the backdrop of what we value in life.

"Nothing happens until something moves."

Albert Einstien

We at Balanced Concepts are dedicated to facilitating a movement lifestyle for our clients in a friendly and professional atmosphere. We feel that movement connects us with so much, breathing, inspiration, beauty, elegance and the space around us. Thus our classes are conducted with these objectives, to have fun, to be inspired, and to learn to move harmoniously, (because secretly our aim is to transform all of you into elegant movers or dancers - take your pick).


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Welcome to Balanced Concepts Pilates and CoreAlign Studio

Pilates and CoreAlign exercises benefit core strength, improve posture, flexibility, coordination and balance. By heightening body awareness functional movement is enhanced so that daily activities and sports become more efficient. Both Pilates and CoreAlign focus on your alignment so that energy is expended in a direct aligned way.

Our classes are small and our exercise programs are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Prior injuries and physical limitations are taken into consideration.

Balanced Concepts Offerings
  • 20 years of experience
  • Private and Semi- Private Sessions
  • Fun, supportive atmosphere
  • By appointment only
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