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Balanced Concepts is excited to be the first studio in Pasadena to introduce the CoreAlign to our program.

If you've been doing Pilates for some time and would like to add core controlled aerobic training to your fitness routine, CoreAlign is the right workout for you!

Introductory offer: 3 private sessions $200.


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CoreAlign - What is CoreAlign?



A "relative" of the Pilates reformer, the CoreAlign is unique. CoreAlign is a mind-body method which improves posture, balance and functional movement in a fast-paced challenging workout. There are over 200 exercises!

Designed by physical therapist, Jonathan Hoffman, who is in his article, Expanding Panjabi's stability model to express movement: a theoretical model. states "the ability of the stability and mobility systems to work in harmony will subsequently determine the quality of movement".

The CoreAlign benefits all fitness levels and is a great addition to your workout routine.


  • Fast-Paced Core Controlled Aerobic Training
  • Deep Stretches
  • Improved Alignment
  • Enhanced Sports Performance
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